The Importance Of Winterizing Your Hot Tub

The winter months are fast approaching, with them bringing the cold, snow, and harsh weather to many.  Having a hot tub during these months is a perk for many spa owners. Why?  During the cold weather many of us suffer from achy and stiff joints brought on by the drop in temperature.  Not to mention winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and sledding can leave our muscles feeling sore and over used.  What better way to treat these ailments then with a nice warm dip in your hot tub.  Afterall, the weather may be close to freezing outside, but if your spa is taken care of correctly, meaning properly winterized, maintained and chemically balanced the warm swirling jets will make it easy to forget how cold it really is outside the tub! At least until you step out of it! However, although spa owners know that their hot tub needs to be maintained efficiently and effectively to promote a safe, clean, healthy environment for its users, another aspect to look at is maintaining energy efficiency, and making sure the water stays at the right temperature not only for the luxury of using it but to prevent potential forms of bacteria from growing or an overuse of chemicals that can be dangerous.  

 We spoke with Hot Tub Patrol, a Colorado based hot tub maintenance, repair, and removal company, that knows all too well the effects of the winter months on hot tubs.  We gathered great expert advice as well as some helpful tips to making sure that your spa is properly winterized and in sufficient working order. Rick, the owner and founder of Hot Tub Patrol told me a common mistake a lot of spa owners believe is that you have to drain and cover your hot tub during the winter months.  However, with more modern, energy efficient hot tubs on the market these days, that idea is a concept of the past!  Instead, beginning in the fall it is best to start preparing for the winter months and getting everything “dialed” in!

Tips For Proper Winterization Of Your Spa

  1. Use A Spa Cleaner to Flush Plumbing-  Before the cold actually arrives it will be easier to clean and perform maintenance measures on your hot tub. At the end of fall or beginning of winter start by completely draining your spa.  Give the inside a good scrub as well as adding a spa cleaning chemical solution to help flush the plumbing.  This will allow for any residue, grime, heating/chemical deposits to be thoroughly flushed away and removed.  Starting off the winter with a clean plumbing system for your hot tub will make all the difference!
  2. Check Your Latches & Cover-  That’s right it is important to make sure that your spa cover is in proper working order as well as in stable condition.  When your spa cover has wear and tear, missing latches, broken latches or any other type of imperfections it aids in doing the opposite of keeping the water hot and the tub performing with energy efficiency.  If You notice any broken parts or holes make sure to replace these items immediately!
  3. Spa Blankets- Spa blankets sit on the top of the water, well like a blanket.  Having a spa blanket decreases the chance of naturally occuring evaporation.  It also aids the spa cover in keeping water extra warm and protecting it from the outside elements.  A spa blanket also is proven to help maintain energy efficiency. What I’m sure we can all agree on is we want to enjoy and utilize our spa during the winter months without a drastic and expensive rise in our utility bills!
  4. Monitor That Water Level-  by regularly monitoring your hot tubs water level you will be aware when the water level drops.  Should this happen due to leaks or other potential issues, knowing sooner rather than later can save you A LOT of money. Why?  When water gets to low you run the risk of the pumps overworking and the heated water not circulating correctly.  This can lead to extensive and expensive damage to your spas pump system.  If the power should go out make sure to keep your spa cover and spa blanket tightly in place not opening the spa unless necessary.

Thanks to these helpful tips from Hot Tub Patrol, most of us will be off to a good start preparing our spas for the winter months.  Remember, when dealing with chemical balance and correctly maintaining your spa it is always best to be knowledgeable in what you’re doing.  Should you not know exactly or have questions about proper spa care it is always best to seek out a professional like those found at Hot Tub Patrol.  Spa techs are trained and experienced when it comes to spa maintenance, repairs and service.  It is our advice that you seek the help of a professional when needed.  In the long run it will save you time, money, and unneeded repairs, or costly repair bills when your spa is properly maintained from the beginning.  Don’t drain your spa this winter, instead enjoy the warm therapeutic perks of owning a hot tub and utilize it as much as possible during these cold months!