Protect Your Property From The Elements

Weather can cause a lot of damage to personal property as we have discussed, and being prepared for certain weather conditions can really pay off. By knowing how to prepare for specific weather conditions you can prevent a lot of headache and save yourself a lot money. Since we have discussed preparing for specific conditions like extreme heat, and extreme cold previously, I wanted to focus on different ways to stretch your dollar.

A friend who owns Metroplex Windows & Glass Plano, a window replacement company in Plano, often replaces peoples windows to help them keep their house insulated, in order to reduce their heating and cooling bills. In addition to these services he also offers people information to help them reduce their energy bill and was recently giving me a run down of what they recommend to clients to reduce their heating and cooling bills, so I figured I would share it with everyone here.

So I’ll give you his top 5 recommendations they offer as a company, some of which I have personally employed. These simple tricks are affordable, and pretty easy to do yourself, and longterm will save you a considerable amount of money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. This list is not in any sort of order of importance, in fact they are all equally important and should all be employed if possible for best results.

  1. Replace worn weather stripping – This is something I have personally done because I noticed a ton of cold air coming into my home a few years ago. It’s a pretty simple fix and really affordable. They sell weather stripping at most local hardware stores and it is really quick to replace. You’ll notice instantly that your door shuts smoother and that there is no longer any subtle drafts coming in around your door. Light coming through on the sides of the door when shut is another great indicator that your door is not sealed properly when shut.
  2. Insulate Your Attic Door – I have not tried this, but it makes a lot of sense. Most attics are insulated well but do not have any insulation on the actual attic entry. Simply adhere the insulation the top of the attic door to create a barrier. If the door is warped or does not fit seamlessly then it is also recommended that you put a latch on the door to make sure it’s closed tightly. Warm air rises so no sense in it going into the attic.
  3. Upgrade your thermostat – Modern programable thermostats can save homeowners over 10% on their monthly energy bill. turning your heating or cooling down at specific (programable) times of the day when you are asleep or not at home is an easy way to save money. Programable thermostats can be picked up at your local hardware store and are very affordable considering the money they will save you longterm.
  4. Lock Your Windows – Locking Your windows will compress the seal on your windows and close off any potential leaks that may exist around the seal of your windows. This is especially recommended during really cold conditions and really hot conditions. It doesn’t hurt that it prevents people from easily opening your windows from the outside as well.
  5. Use Your Drapes – Your drapes are more effective at insulating than you might think. They are great at reducing heat from the sun so use them to your advantage during times of high heat and keep them closed. Remember to also open them up when it’s cold to let the heat and sun rays in.

Those were his 5 main suggestions, and alone those suggestions combined could save you a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills. With fall just around the corner, take a day to swing by your local hardware store and get working on numbers 1-3. You will be happy you have implemented these easy tricks before you turn on the heater this winter.

Remember to check back for more information on dealing with the weather, monitoring the weather, and more. You will like the the weather a lot more, once you prepare for it!