Protection From The Weather

The weather can be very cool, but obviously dangerous and damaging. Whether we are talking about tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, or even extreme heat or cold, weather can cause sever damage to individuals and people’s property. There is little you an do again sever storms like those mentioned above, aside from ensuring you have good insurance coverage, but there is certainly precautions you can take with more casual weather like the heat and cold.

Prepare for the Heat: 

With your home you can protect sun damage and exuberant air conditioning bills by planting large trees in your backyard. The shade casts from large trees can drop temperatures in the shade by up to 15 degrees. If you can cast enough shade on your home during summer months you can drop your monthly cooling bill by 10%-25%. Tree’s obviously take time to grow so in the meantime make sure you invest in shade screens for your windows. Shade screens or tinted windows will dramatically stop heat from the sun, glare, and also give you some added privacy if you leave in a heavily populated area.

It is strongly advised that you keep your vehicle covered during the day if you live somewhere with extreme heat. This can be a covered parking space, garage, or a fitted vehicle cover. By blocking your vehicle from direct sunlight you will dramtically improve the longevity of your vehicles paint job and avoid or reduce peeling paint on the hood, bumper, and top of your vehicle. Vehicle vinyl wraps are a great option as well when it comes to protecting your vehicle. A vehicle vinyl wrap is essentially a sticker or film that covers your entire vehicle. The film works as a protective layer in between your automobile and the outside world and does a remarkable job at protecting it from the sun, salt, and even knicks and chips from road debris. Vinyl wraps serve many purposes, such as displaying graphics or business branding, changing the color of your vehicle, and simply protecting your original paint job. Many companies will offer a variety options when it comes to getting a vinyl wrap on your automobile such as coverage options, color and design options, and different vinyl manufacturing options. If you care about your vehicles paint job than a vehicle wrap is great way to protect it and improve the longevity of the paint job. There are many companies throughout the country that install vinyl wraps, just make sure you shop around beforehand to ensure they have good reviews and fair prices. We got a few vehicle wraps in Denver, and from what I’ve heard there are a ton of great companies across the U.S., so it shouldn’t be too tough to find a solid company.

Prepare for the Cold: 

For those new to the cold, winterizing is a must. winterize your pipes is essentially the processes of blowing out all the water in your pipes before it has a chance to freeze. Ice in pipes contracting and expanding during the cold months of the year will commonly cause the pipes to burst and create a headache that nobody wants to deal with.

Chain up your tires. Many people don’t want to take the time to chain up there tires and think that maybe they don’t need to, but thousands of car crashes take place every year in the U.S. because of ice. Ice in certain temperatures can be so slippery that even the best tires will have little to no traction. Don’t put yourself or others in danger and please use chains.

Salt your driveway before a storm. Most people who have lived in the cold for some time know that salt is their best friend during the winter. By laying down salt before a storm you can save yourself hours by not having to scrape the ice that accumulates after a blizzard or big storm.

Hot and cold temperatures can present a lot of challenges, but there are simple ways to prevent some of their damaging effects. By being prepared you will save yourself an lot of frustration in the future.

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