Cool Weather

Like we’ve said before, weather is often taken for granted and not really appreciated. In fact it is often talked down upon more than it’s acknowledged for its greatness. “It’s going to be so hot,” “It’s going to be so cold,” “It’s so rainy,” and so on. Rarely do you get people who are entirely excited about the weather. People often bring up the burden of the weather, and not there love for it. However the weather is awesome, and it’s contrasting patterns are what bring excitement and visual change to our lives. Large billowing clouds, and thunder storms after a week of clear blue skies is refreshing, and a hot sunny day after a week of rain is up lifting.

clear skies

There is so much to like about weather

Weather is really quite remarkable if you take the time to study it. Precipitation, Pressure and how everything comes together to create weather conditions is fascinating…at least to me. But seriously, think about all the different events that occur based on how precipitation and pressure work together. Rain, Snow, Hail, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and more are all based on differing combinations of water, temperature and pressure present in the atmosphere at any given time. We live in this sphere of constant activity that’s producing a variety of weather conditions all of which are very unique from one another. Snow by itself is magical. Millions of little ice particles falling from the sky, often in beautiful intricate shapes each one unique from the other. I mean come on, weather is awesome, and if normal weather conditions are not enough to impress you than check out some rare occurrences that might intrigue you.

Watermelon Snow – Found in the cold climate of the Sierra Nevada, watermelon Snow is a blood like snow thats caused by algae that lives in these cold conditions.

watermelon snow

Giant Hail – If hail wasn’t cool enough, how about an 8 inch hail ball (more like cannonball). Recorded as the largest hail particle to fall from the sky, this puppy and it’s hail buddies would be something like bricks falling from the sky. Easily putting holes through lightweight roofs, and doing insurmountable damage to vehicles.


231 MPH Wind – I don’t think many people are huge fans of the wind. It blows your hair all over the place, it draws up dirt and sand, and often sends particles into your eyes. But 231 MPH wind is a different story, and that high speed of wind becomes fascinating and even something you can play in. I wouldn’t recommend flying your kite in it however.

134 Degrees – Not sure how much I can even appreciate this, but it is certainly worth mentioning. The highest temperature recorded in the U.S. occurred on July 10, 1913 in Death Valley at a whopping 134 degrees fahrenheit.  Probably not the highest up on people’s list of places to visit.

These are just a few unique weather conditions that are truly fascinating. Keep posted for more uniques weather conditions here, and chime in to let us know some of your personal favorite weather conditions.