Knowing The Weather Pays Off

Beyond knowing if your day is going to be sunny or not, knowing the weather can be extremely effective at saving you money. Every year thousands of vehicles are damaged by weather related disasters. One weather incident in particular is the culprit for most of this weather related damage – hail. Hail leaves thousands of vehicle owners frantic and upset during the months of April and October when conditions are just right to drop ice formations from the sky. In some cases these hail storms leave little to no damage, but in other cases these storms can hurtle golf ball sized ice formations down from the sky. In these instances vehicle owners are left with sometimes hundred of large dents on their vehicle and even broken windshields and side mirrors. Hail storms of this magnitude are not common across the country but in certain metropolitan areas like Denver and Dallas these storms can be pretty common during summer and fall.

Although watching the weather is not normally a serious business, people in these areas ought to pay close attention to potential hail storms in order to preserve their vehicle and avoid the hassle of removing all the dents or even replacing their vehicle. Although there are great paintless dent repair companies in Denver, Dallas and other cities. Many of these companies leave people more frustrated than they originally were from the damage. Hail repair is a highly lucrative business to be in, and their are a lot of not so noble business owners looking for a quick buck when disaster strikes. These companies will travel from town to town essentially chasing the storms and often leave town as soon as they came. If your vehicle is not brought back to it’s original condition these companies are usually in another town before you have the time to bring it to their attention. Since insurance covers the damage they don’t have to worry about pleasing you, they just ensure all the requirements are met for them to get paid by your insurance company. So we urge everyone to avoid damage in the first place by keeping an eye on the weather. By knowing when hail storms are likely to hit you can plan accordingly and make sure your vehicle is not in an uncovered lot during the storm.

By tuning into your local weather  you are also supporting your local weather channel and the supporting partners. Although knowing the weather is something we all take for granted these days, it is still something requires resources and time by hard working meteorologist and technology. Every viewer counts and helps fund better and more accurate weather forecasting your area.