The Importance of Weather Forecasting

Weather can be simply defined as the atmosphere of our planet, Earth, in a very short period as compared to the climate. The elements of weather are temperature, pressure, wind, humidity, and precipitation and hence, different weather instruments are needed to measure each of them, so that the weather can be measured on the whole. Knowing the present weather is worth, so that you can be aware of the weather and whether if it is alright to step out of the shelter or not, either because of heavy rain or a very high temperature. But on the other hand, there is more importance of weather forecasting.

Now the question that arises is what is really weather forecasting? The word ‘forecasting’ means to predict something about the future. Hence, the whole term ‘weather forecast’ means to estimate the weather of the coming hours and days. But then, why would you need to forecast the weather?

Imagine the absence of weather forecasting and you plan for a long walk under the clear sky, in the park nearby your place. But once you reach there, it starts raining, and oops! Neither do you have an umbrella or are wearing a raincoat. Here, you realize the importance of weather forecasting. Though, this is one of the minor benefits of predicting future weather. But now can you imagine the loss an event manager would go through if they conduct exhibition of various brands under open sky and the clouds get excited about it too?

Weather forecasting has been important since many ages, especially if it is referred to the professions like farmers and sailors. However, knowing the weather of coming hours and tomorrow has become important to all, regardless of any professions, due to extreme weather in this era.

At first, the weather was forecasted so that the farmers would know when it is best to sow seeds and when should they avoid to plant to save themselves from a huge loss, due to extreme high temperature or more than necessary rain, which would result in flood.

Likewise, the sailors also need to know the wind speed and its direction before they go are ready to sail. For sailors, it is not only about the packages and loads they have to trade, but it is about their lives too, since a bad weather can make the ship sink. Also, fogginess can create difficulty in viewing which would lead to a high chance of a crash.

Apart from these professions, weather forecasting is really important as it can warn about tornadoes and hurricanes by measuring wind speed. Also, people living around a volcano can be warned about an eruption so they can evacuate the place.

However, these days, when the weather condition is changing at an extreme case, hence, people keep on tracking the weather. The fact that weather can be easily checked on smart phones, with a default widget, people are more likely availing the convenience. People living in the areas under heat waves, now and then visit weather forecasting websites to know when it is safe to step outside in the sun or when the rain would come and sweep away all the burnings.

Despite all these facts, one should acknowledge the fact that the forecasting is not always correct, especially when it is conducted on a long term; which means more than a week. Hence, a hundred percent reliance cannot be done on these estimation.

But on the whole, advancement in the technology has increased its accuracy and we all by far have experienced benefits from Weather Forecasting.